It's Official: Everybody Wants a Hedgehog


Very important news update: Thanks to the Internet, hedgehogs are officially on the verge of mainstream American popularity. We did it, Internet! Let’s celebrate by spending an hour watching YouTube videos of hedgehogs.

In a report that also randomly cites the existence of Sonic the Hedgehog, the AP says these strange, heart-melting creatures are the new hotness:

Jill Warnick, a breeder in Brookline, Massachusetts, said demand for hedgehogs has grown so much over the years that potential pet owners have to fill out an application form and then wait for their turn to buy the weaned offspring.
“When I first started I might have a waiting list of five people,” Warnick said, as hedgehogs slept in hiding spots installed in their cages. “Well, 19 years later, I have a waiting list of 500 people.”

That’s even though several cities have restrictions on the creatures (due to fears of wild, invasive hedgehogs roaming the streets) and they’re associated with super-cute salmonella infections.

Get your hedgehogs, folks, get ’em before they’re all snapped up.

Photo via AP Images.

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