John Kasich Shushes Female Student At Town Hall: 'I Don't Have Any Taylor Swift Tickets'


On Monday, minor Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich traveled to the University of Richmond where spoke to a group of 500 students and faculty members and displayed his charmingly overt misogyny and general lack of interest in young people.

In an article published in the school newspaper The Collegian, Brooke Harty recounted several of the instances:

While calling on sophomore Kayla Solsbak, who was nearly jumping out of her seat to get noticed, Kasich said with a laugh, “I’m sorry, I don’t have any Taylor Swift tickets.”
Kasich also said at one point, “I’m sure you get invited to all of the parties,” to one of the female students sitting in the front row of raised seats.”

Solsbak, 18, also wrote about the visit in an article entitled, “No, John Kasich, I don’t want Taylor Swift Tickets,” in which she condemned the candidate for his perceived disinterest in the students he was addressing.

Solsbak wrote:

While the lectures were condescending, the real issue was that Kasich chose not to listen to students in his forum. Most of the questions came from older members of the community, many vocalizing their support of Kasich before throwing him a softball question. Kasich barreled through a Planned Parenthood question, dismissing the young woman who posed it, and derided me when I had the audacity to raise my hand. Kasich came to Richmond to pander to retired Republicans. He could gain points by belittling me and my peers, so that’s what he did.

“In a half-hearted attempt to connect with young voters, Kasich entered the town hall forum with the 2014 hit song ‘Shut Up and Dance With Me’ blasting from the speakers,” Solsbak continued. “While my friends all found it out of place, I realized that the song’s title accurately reflects Kasich’s message to young voters: shut up and elect me.”

Kasich’s campaigning strategy might actually be smart—older voters probably don’t follow the blogs quite as closely, and thus, may be ignorant to the fact that he is such a shitbag.

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