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Listen to Nora Brown’s Long Time To Be Gone

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The weather has been slightly breezier in ye old New York City this week, and it’s put me in one of those insufferably glorious moods where I lounge beside my backyard garden (brag) and pretend I’m living a simple mountain life. Part of this fantasy nostalgia has been inhaling Nora Brown’s Long Time to Be Gone, her 2022 old-timey banjo folk album.

Brown herself is born and raised in Brooklyn and is only 18, but the hauntingly beautiful tunes she plucks are centuries-old Appalachian traditional music. The gentleness of her renditions of “Wild Goose Chase” and “Cumberland Gap” feel like the wind tickling your skin on an early evening walk, calming and lively at the same time. —Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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