What We Actually Want to Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2

It's a billionaire's world and we're just trying to buy some fancy knives and discounted Crest White Strips in it.

Prime DayPrime Day 2023
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It’s Amazon Prime Day(s) on Tuesday and Wednesday: the company’s 48-hour mega-sale where you can purchase anything and everything from Bluetooth speakers to kitchen sponges to shiny trash cans for a pretty significant discount. The sale is only available to Amazon prime members, but it’s a perfect time to get any high-priced items you’ve been eyeing for a while or to stock up on the lower-ticked things you use all the time. If we can’t change the system, we can at least purchase things within the system at 30-70% off.

All the Amazon Prime deals are living monsters—meaning they’ll be constantly changing and updating until Wednesday evening. And with the sheer number of items on sale, it’s dizzying to know where to even begin, so we thought we’d lend you a hand and share what we’ll be buying.

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