25 Things We Actually Want to Buy on Amazon Prime ‘Big Deal’ Day

It's still a billionaire's world, and we're just trying to get some half-off vibrators and discounted Apple products in it.

Prime Day
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If it feels like Amazon’s Prime Day was just three months ago...that’s because it was. But for the next 48 hours (October 10 and 11), Amazon Prime members can enjoy another Prime Day that the corporation is calling Prime Big Deal Days. The Deals don’t appear to be any Bigger than the July sale, but when capitalism throws you a bone, you click Add to Cart. (A feature which, coincidentally, happens to be part of the FTC’s anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon for allegedly blocking competition and essentially trapping sellers.)

It is a pretty convenient time to get started on holiday shopping, and since items are between 30% and 70% off, why not get something for yourself, too? The deals will keep switching up through Wednesday, so this isn’t really a save-to-your-cart-and-think-about-it type of situation. We’ve gathered a few current highlights and added in some of the shit we’re buying to help keep your Prime Big Deal Day chill.

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