An Unhinged Ranking of All Taylor Swift’s 107 Surprise Songs on the U.S. Leg of The Eras Tour

I can already hear the roar of Swifties yelling at me for where I ranked “New Romantics”—but I’m not calling this an unhinged ranking because it makes sense.


1. “Holy Ground” (May 27 in East Rutherford, N.J.)

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Listen. Are Taylor Swift fans delusional? Yes. Am I definitely delusional? Absolutely yes. “I’m going to do one that’s one of my favorites, and hopefully you like it too,” she said. “Yeah, I think I, I feel like this is a pretty good choice for tonight, I’m pretty confident about it.”

Do I actually believe that Taylor Swift knew I was in the third row of this show and that I’ve previously written about this being my favorite-ever Taylor song that just fucking lifts my soul to the heavens? No!

*whispers* I kind of believe that she maybe, a little bit, in some sense, on some level, knew I was there? Yes. I will never get over the fact that of the hundred or so surprise songs I could have seen, I got to see this one.

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