Casey Affleck Has Terrible Interview with Stephen Colbert, Asks, 'You Wanna Fight Me?'

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Note to any and all late night hosts: Actor Casey Affleck does not have a great sense of humor about himself, so please don’t try to have fun with him.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new movie Triple 9, Affleck did not respond well to some gentle teasing about his sloppy outfit.

“Well, you look great,” Colbert quipped, which is a much nicer joke than directly pointing out that Affleck looked like a harried adjunct professor at a low ranking community college.

The interview immediately turned tense and uncomfortable, with Affleck blustering and Colbert pointing out that it was “just some playful ribbing.”

After grumbling about water and looking annoyed, Affleck eventually broke the (entirely unnecessary) tension by offering to fight.

Question: How does a person both take their outfit too seriously and become too lazy to tuck in a shirt?

Charlie Sheen says his crazy 2011 “tiger blood” era was the result testosterone cream.

“It was a lot of highs and lows,” he told Dr. Oz. “I was taking a lot of testosterone cream, and I think I went too far with it. It was kind of like a borderline…not a ‘roid rage, but a ‘roid disengage.”

Okay, how does Charlie explain the other 49 years of his life? [Dlisted]

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