Davey and Wolf Forever: The Tiger Eyes Movie Trailer Is Here!


Judy Blume’s very first big screen movie is coming, and everyone is very, very excited.

The film adaptation of the coming-of-age tale Tiger Eyes is co-written by Blume and her son, Lawrence Blume, who is also directing. “For years and years people would tell me they wanted to do something but they never know what they wanted to do,” Judy told Entertainment Weekly last year. “I wanted someone to feel passionately about it.”

I’m embarrassed to say it, but every time I see the movie I cry my eyes out,” said Judy Blume of the movie.

Starring Arrow’s Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper — you in there, girl??) as Davey Wexler, a 15-year-old whose mom moves their family from New Jersey to New Mexico after her husband/Davey’s father’s murder, and Tatanka Means as Wolf, a young man she meets in the canyon and is bitchy to at first but then they become bff — and maybe something a little more. After all, Davey did masturbate to thoughts of Wolf in the original draft — that’s right, it got positively Forever in Tiger Eyes. However, Blume cut the scene because she didn’t want to deal with everyone banning her. Again.

Speaking of dirty Blume — who else used to borrow Blume books from the library and then skim through to read the sexy bits first? Nobody? Just me? Alright!

[Tiger Eyes]

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