Either Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Know How to Spell Her Own Name, Or Kathy Griffin Is Lying

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During her sold out show at Carnegie Hall Tuesday night (which she reportedly began by saying “I am the mayor of Zero Fucksville. Welcome to my town”) comedian Kathy Griffin regaled audiences with the same old shit her audiences have come to expect and desire: excitedly delivered stories about her interactions with people more famous than she is. Per Page Six, one of those stories was about one Kimberly Noel Kardashian West.

Griffin claims she asked the reality star to sign the guest book in her home during one of her visits. Guest books, by the way, are for celebratory events and airbnbs, not private residences, but I—someone who never has famous people over to their private residence—digress. Griffin says she left the room as Kardashian signed, only to return and find her “frowning at the book.” Per an audience member:

“When she asked what was wrong, Kim revealed, ‘I misspelled my name.’ ”

I find this hard to believe, considering how iconic Kim’s signature is to me personally, but perhaps this happened before she was super famous and putting her handwritten name on the spines of art books! Or maybe Griffin is lying! That’s also possible.

Per Hornet.com (????), she also ranted about a recent favorite target of hers, Andy Cohen, saying:

“I haven’t had a TV show since that piece of shit Andy Cohen kicked me off Bravo. Burning bridges as soon as I build them. Andy Cohen, when he was the fucking intern, just wanted to be me the whole time. So later he fired my ass and then gave himself — this is unprecedented in the history of television when the guy who decides what shows are on gives himself a talk show that features fake Twitter questions. They’re not even real. That piece of shit fires me and give himself a talk show that gets picked up every year magically. It’s like he does the right people.”

[Page Six / Hornet]

RobertsWatch™: She posted again.

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