How to Dress for Tomato Season

Mustard yellows, deep greens, and fiery reds. Rattan bags. Wide-brimmed hats. Short nails. Here's a bit of sartorial inspo for the last, ripe days of summer.

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Photo: (Getty Images)

Welcome to (almost) August, the slow, sultry, seductive end of summer. For those of us not governed by the Gregorian calendar, you might know it as “tomato season,” the time of year when Earth’s most luscious and savory fruit achieves ripeness. Just this morning, I plucked seven cherry tomatoes from my garden and tossed them into an egg scramble. Did you feel at peace reading that sentence? I hope so.

Early Girl, Brandy Boy, Beefsteak, Tigerella, Campari, Heirloom, Oxheart; tomato varieties have names that are evocative and vivid, each promising a small culinary vignette in which to indulge. This makes tomato season the perfect inspiration for basically everything, including your sartorial choices.

(Note: halfway through creating this mood board, I learned that “tomato girl summer” is a micro-trend on TikTok. Sigh. But the “tomato girl” aesthetic is too clean, too coastal, and too “quiet luxury” for my liking, so I’m taking it in a different direction. What I’m going to give you is a bit crunchier and more corporeal. I want you to imagine wearing these items and accessories on your sticky sweaty body, cooling off in front of your fan, or eating leftover BBQ chicken hovering above the kitchen sink.)

Dress like a tomato. Dress inspired by a tomato. Dress for a tomato. Here are ways to do it.

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