How to Dress for Tomato Season

Mustard yellows, deep greens, and fiery reds. Rattan bags. Wide-brimmed hats. Short nails. Here's a bit of sartorial inspo for the last, ripe days of summer.


Luscious Florals and Stripes

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Luscious Florals and Stripes
Photo: Getty Images/Top Right: Simons/Bottom Right: John Derian

Stripes and florals scream chaotic summer opulence to me. It’s a little bit preppy. A little bit country. And somehow reminds me of an Italian market, specifically the tomato sauce and pasta aisle. It just does!

Reasonable: A mod scarf to fasten around your head and pretend like you’re vacationing on the French Riviera. It’s OK if you’re just at the community pool. ($19)

Splurge: $180 for four napkins? Stupid! But indulgent and splendid at the same time and that sort of tension makes life (and four expensive napkins) worth living!

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