Is This the Beginning of the End of Fashion Police?


Maybe. According to sources, shit has been hitting the fan behind the scenes since Joan River’s passing last fall.

Via Page Six:

E!-TV’s “Fashion Police” is armpit-to-armpit hostility, fights, backstabbing. Forget a sergeant-at-arms. They need Bratton.
As necklines plunge, so has the program’s once haute ratings.
Today’s Oscar interviews — “What are you wearing?” and “You’re incredible!” — were unwatchable. Hosts with such grins that you could see their dentures.

Yikes! Dentures.

Shit, of course, has been hitting the fans on camera, too: Kelly Osbourne recently quit the show amidst the backlash of Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair, while Rancic took to the shelter of E!‘s cameras to offer her apologies to Coleman for her remarks about her hair style on the red carpet.

Joan River’s Fashion Police commentary was often harsh and cutthroat—things Rancic’s style has been accused of, too—but at her core, she had a good heart and sense of humility. Something the show, in her absence, very obviously lacks.

Image via AP

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