Jez Recs: What to Do With Your Weekend

A revelatory documentary about Thelonious Monk, a magnetic "quit lit" memoir, Fenty Beauty's latest video campaign, and other gems we think you'll enjoy.

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Image: Grasshopper Films/Simon & Schuester/@fentybeauty

It was a long week. What week isn’t? In the realm of pop culture, it started with the Oscars Sunday night: Beautiful people won awards, as did adorable nerds. If you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to do this weekend, watch literally any of those movies. It’s never too late to have an opinion about Tar! But a lot of other cool stuff happened this weekend, too, which you may have missed—books to read, articles to read, French movies with subtitles to read. For this week’s Jez Recs, the Jezebel staff rounded up 10 pop culture gems that we very much enjoyed and think you will too. May they make your weekend shine.

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