Please Indulge Our Guesses for Succession‘s ‘Mega-Twist’

The Daily Beast reported that this season has a “twist that will break the internet.” We don’t know when this will be, but color us fucking intrigued!

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Laura Dern Is Shiv’s Divorce Lawyer

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Laura Dern Is Shiv’s Divorce Lawyer
Screenshot: Netflix

So we know that Shiv has been locked out of all the best divorce lawyers in New York City after Tom conflicted them all out. Bitch-ass Logan move! But...there’s a high-profile lawyer in California who Shiv hasn’t tapped into yet: Nora Fanshaw aka Scarlett Johansson’s divorce attorney in Marriage Story, played by Oscar-winning actor Laura Dern, and based on real-life divorce lawyer to the stars, Laura Wasser. This would certainly be a crossover twist that would break the internet, though arguably not one that would do much for the plot.

But imagine all the new ways we would get to see Laura Dern sit! And then imagine her and Roman in a weird sit-off! Heaven.

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