Scott Walker's Equal Pay Ad Forgets He Repealed That Shit 2 Years Ago


In this ad for Scott Walker against Mary Burke, Lieutenant Governor and former professional TV news talking head Rebecca Kleefisch expresses her concern about all these elaborate claims that Walker made it harder for women to fight against workplace discrimination. That’s kind of weird, because THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HE DID.

Back in 2012, Walker repealed Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which allowed workers who faced workplace discrimination to take their cases to the “less costly, more accessible” state courts (and not only the federal court) without so much as a public comment. (He also repealed a sex ed law and not one, but two whole abortion bills on the same day.)

So for Kleefisch to sit there and talk about how workplace discrimination is illegal, while the enforcement of equal pay has been squandered is laughable. Also very laughable is how naively over-the-top this bit is. Every time Kleefisch mentions Mary Burke, you can see the rage of a thousands suns seething through Kleefisch’s eyeballs. But she perks right up whenever she says Scott Walker’s name.

Walker is currently in a dead heat with Burke, so if you live in Wisconsin, please, for the love of cheese curds, vote.

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