Spray-On Freshness: We Ranked 14 Clean Fragrances to Counteract Sweaty Summers

It's the perfect time of year to smell like, well, soap tbh.


Description: “Celebrating the timeless style and heritage of haute couture, this jasmine perfume is at once rich and elegant; sophisticated and alluring. The crisp, fresh opening notes of bergamot and floral aldehyde yield to a complex but approachable heart of sweet jasmine and powdery orris, augmented by hints of mystical frankincense.”

Audra: Typically, I’d liken the act of taking a bath to simmering in one’s own filth soup. But if there’s any fragrance that would make a bath more attractive, it’s Heritage. Its notes of ivory soap, sandalwood, and aldehydes elicit a nostalgia for something simple—rustic, even—like, yes, wasting an hour or two in a clawfoot tub. I see relaxation when I sniff this. Score: 9

Rich: Pure, elevated Dove soap. It’s comfy and blanketing. My boyfriend told me it makes me smell like his grandma. Imagine that, but as a masterpiece. Score: 8

Emily: Though Heritage’s crisp top notes render it a perfect clean fragrance contender, its warmer base notes of cedar-wood, sandalwood, and oud are what make it so lovely. I also enjoyed the scent’s departure from aggressive sweetness. My only complaint, albeit a vane one, is that it didn’t evoke a more visceral reaction, as some of my other top picks did. Score: 7.5

Average Score: 8.17/10

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