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Watch the Star Wars movies in release order

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Watch the Star Wars movies in release order
Graphic: Universal History Archive/UIG (Getty Images)

As you can tell, I’ve been very busy consuming cinema in my spare time, and why not start with one of the greatest products of the entertainment industry of all time: George Lucas’ campy space opera! I have watched all three trilogies—that is nine films, to be exact—in the last two weeks, which is either neurotic or impressive. You decide! Though some groupies will insist you watch the films in chronological order, watching them in release order allows you to take a joyride through time—you have a backseat in the theater as the casts grow up, the technology progresses from homemade-looking crafts to impeccably designed interstellar worlds, and characters from the original films make cameos in the latest Lucas Film productions. I now have a brand-new set of parasocial friends and family. Lucky me. May the force be with you!! —Emily Leibert

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