Tilda Swinton Describes Tilda Swinton Quite Beautifully


The profile of Tilda Swinton in the new issue of New York magazine reveals many wonderful things about the intriguing, enigmatic actress.

First of all, Tilda Swtinton’s email autoreply is so very Tilda Swintonesque:

…It’s easy to see her as the alabaster ambassador from a more advanced corner of the galaxy. She talks about her friends as her heroes, whose faces “are lining my space capsule that is hurtling through space.” Hell, send her an email and the auto-reply you get back says: “Hello, I am away until 01/01/2070 and am unable to read your message.”

But even better is the way Tilda Swinton describes Tilda Swinton. She plays a “well-dressed vampire” named Eve in the new film Only Lovers Left Alive, which, as Carl Swanson writes, “director Jim Jarmusch made with her and in some ways about her.” In an email, Tilda Swinton says of Tilda Swinton:

“…Eve expresses something very accurate about me, which is not the artist in me but the cheerleader of artists, the bird at the end of the phone, the dance partner, the ­appreciative reader of proofs, the bearer of the bucket, and the sponge in the ­corner, sometimes the jester with the balloon on a stick. This is, beyond ­anything I think, the part of my work that I treasure the most, my job, above all, as artist’s moll.”

The prose. She’s a beautiful writer. More here.

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