Use This App to Get Over a Breakup Because Nothing in the World Matters Anyway


There’s already an app that helps you break up with a significant other, but who’s gonna be there to help that loser pick up the fragments of their heart afterward? Definitely not their family, therapist or Ben & Jerry’s, right? Nope. Another app.

It’s fittingly called Rx Breakup, and it works by creating a diary-like emo checklist for its brokenhearted users, which includes advice like: Don’t text your ex. Yahoo! interviewed the app makers—celebrity makeup artist Jeanine Lobell, who founded Stila, and therapist Jane Reardon, who’s treated tons of grief-stricken patients.

Lobell says:

“The boys and girls coming through [Jane’s] doors are painfully suffering from these breakups and they can’t let go and they’re obsessed. I have girlfriends like that. I’m trying to be a sympathetic friend, but at the same time wanting to be like [yells], ‘Get over it! These men are pigs!’ And I’ve been there, too. Not for a long time now, but back in my 20s I’d be pining for somebody who wasn’t into me. And it’s painful.”

Reardon adds:

“Each of the 30 days has a really unique idea and we worked really hard to not repeat ourselves. Every day there is a different aspect of what you need to do to empower yourself and to really look at yourself so that you don’t keep repeating the same problem over and over again and you don’t get into the same relationship with a different person and the same problems arise.”

This is doubly perfect if you just got broken up with through an app and can now use this app to help get over it. No more clichés like ice cream and rom-com. Apps.

Over 5,000 people have downloaded Rx Breakup since August. The creators are also looking to launch a social network.

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