We Need to Talk About Why No One Is Talking About Mrs. Potato Head Coming Out As Trans

We Need to Talk About Why No One Is Talking About Mrs. Potato Head Coming Out As Trans
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The artist and entertainer formerly known as Mr. Potato Head has transitioned, and in the process, come out as non-binary. The AP reports Thursday that the beloved Toy Story star will henceforth be Potato Head, effective immediately, and all related toy boxes and merchandise will be altered to correctly gender the actor.

Non-binary people across the planet, including myself, rejoice in this news. But in the commotion, both the AP and other news outlets missed another breaking story. In a letter to myself and the International Secret Association of Trans Women, Potato Head’s wife, Mrs. Potato Head, has come out as trans.

The oft-overlooked spouse of Potato Head, who has languished in the glow of their spotlight for nearly two decades, Mrs. Potato Head wrote: “It is with immense joy today that I finally say, for all to hear, that I am trans. In this moment, with my heart filled with love for my partner Potato Head, I am so excited we both get to live in our truths together.”

Best known as the almost invisible wife of Toy Story character Potato Head, based on the real life of Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head’s announcement can be read with a mixture of emotions—but mostly a lingering melancholy. In retrospect, I see now that her frequent switching out of body parts onscreen was not just a throwaway comedic beat in a Pixar film, but a biting commentary on the disposability of trans women in popular culture, and her own journey of self-construction.

When asked what her plans are next, Mrs. Potato Head told Jezebel in a statement: “I’m currently working on a line of purses. I’ve also been approached by a publishing house for my memoir.” She added, laughing: “It’s been so busy with Potato Head’s big announcement, I haven’t really had the time to think about it! I will let my fans know soon, promise.”

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