A Patriot's Treasury Of Sexist Nancy Pelosi Caricatures


The folks at the Republican National Committee aren’t the only ones who know how to use Photoshop to vilify Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Being “the most powerful woman in American history” surely has nothing to do with it.

Even before her victory on health care reform, Pelosi has been the right wing’s literal piñata, its Cruella de Vil, Pussy Galore. “The only other person voters are as concerned about is President Obama. They find she shares his ideology but not his charm,” a Republican pollster tells Talking Points Memo of the orchestrated attack against her. “It’s not gender driven,” the same pollster said.

But since becoming the first female Speaker of the House in 2006, Pelosi’s gender has made her a more visible, and more vilified, target of anger against the Democrats. And anger against powerful women? Just take a look at some of the grassroots… creativity and judge for yourself. Let’s start with an always-popular target: Pelosi’s alleged use of fillers. All of the Boehner orange tan jokes in the world couldn’t compete with this obsession.

Get it? (She’s whoring out our country.)

Back in the days of the Bush administration, Pelosi clearly aroused some BDSM feelings in certain quarters. Progressives might have wanted to see more domination, in fact.

Around the same time, this one was distinctly less conflicted.

At least she got to wear Princess Leia’s bikini. Always a woman’s role in the galaxy and in the House.

Please, try to make this a little less easy for me.

Either she’s ugly or you want her in a bikini. Make up your mind!

You could almost like this one if you separated it from its actual intentions.

Is that a straitjacket pinup shot?

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