A Running List of Right-Wing Politicians and Media Figures Who Downplayed the Virus But Skipped the Line to Get a Vaccine

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Image: Saul Loeb (Getty Images)

Going into the last shopping days before Christmas, I assumed the super-hot gift that everyone wanted but only the connected and wealthy would get would be the new PlayStation 5. But as it turns out, the real gift is a fresh dose of the covid vaccine—and, just like the PS5, there’s a long fucking line to get one.

But as is the usual case in the country with some of the worst healthcare systems of any high-income nation, there’s been a bit of line cutting. In what the White House described as a “continuity of governance” plan, members of Congress will be among the first in the country to get vaccinated against covid—even the ones who spent months denying the severity of the virus, shirking social distancing, and blasting mask mandates because of Trump’s deadly strategy that herd immunity was the way to go. So let’s look with envy upon some of the worst assholes who get this great gift for doing absolutely nothing!

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