Accidental Beyoncé Disrupts Very Serious Business U.K. Cabinet Meeting


Apparently somebody’s fondness for Beyoncé recently earned him a personal dressing-down from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Worth it.

That’s according to BuzzFeed UK, following up on a story from the Times, which reported that chief whip Michael Gove got a “public bollocking” from David Cameron after he suddenly started blasting music in the middle of a cabinet meeting. (Cameron assumed it was a ringtone—phones are not allowed in the meeting.) Sources suggested it was either “Jazz FM-style comedown music after a heavy night out” or a “female ballad.”

Well, if Gove’s wife is to be believed, the upper reaches of the British government are filled with people who don’t know jack about pop music, because it was in fact accidental Beyoncé. That’s how Beyoncé works. Just suddenly, out of nowhere, she appears. SURPRISE! It’s Beyoncé! Sarah Vine wrote in her weekly column for the Daily Mail that she bought her husband a Pebble smartwatch, upon which he was attempting to read an email, when he hit the wrong button and boom, Bey:

And so it was that just as the Chancellor of the Exchequer was explaining a particularly complex piece of fiscal policy to Her Majesty’s assembled Cabinet, my husband (the Government Chief Whip, Michael Gove) mistakenly instructed his watch to play Beyonce’s latest oeuvre.
Try as he might, he simply could not silence her warblings. The more buttons he pressed, the more effusive she got.
Eventually, he managed to switch her off, but not before he had received a stern reprimand from the Prime Minister himself.

Maybe David Cameron just doesn’t want any whisper of a connection between himself and the Illuminati.

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