​Alert: You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online This Year


Ladies and gentleman, what you’re hearing is the sweet sound of internet victory. It’s what we’ve all been working for. It’s the sound of freedom.

Previously the Girl Scouts organization banned online sales of their delicious cookies—after all, badgering people with comically dramatic puppy eyes outside a King Soopers until they buy the damn cookies in a process they call selling cookies in person was supposed to be a valuable learning experience.

On top of that, the organization did not want any particularly internet savvy parents giving their kids an unfair advantage, though overzealous parents is sort of an occupational hazard of being a Scout. (And on top of that, I might take up programming and coding if it means I could hack into some young and naive Girl Scout’s online sales account and add some extra loving to my order.)

After some doubt, the organization decided that the internet can probably teach young ladies a thing or two about salesmanship, and that it could level the playing field for their scouts, so the organization created Digital Cookie. Via CNN:

“Digital Cookie will also allow customers to help girls learn 21st-century skills grounded in technology, along with valuable interpersonal skills girls will acquire through their continued participation in traditional booth and door to door sales,” the organization said.

Digital Cookie will launch Dec 12 (THAT IS SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE THOSE DO-SI-DO/THIN MINT SANDWICHES) and the regular offline cookie sales will start in January.

Image via Getty.

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