Alice Glass Releases Song About Abuse, Donates Sales to RAINN


Alice Glass—the former Crystal Castles singer who formed the heart, soul, and public face of the group—has released a new single about an abusive relationship she had that started when she was a teen. And when it hits iTunes, she’ll donate all sales to nonprofits helping victims of domestic violence.

“Stillbirth” is the first single she’s dropped since leaving Crystal Castles (publicly, for artistic reasons, though remaining member Ethan Kath was a dick about it). It’s a gleaming, tense industrial song that features the ethereal, cutting soprano that compelled audiences to her in the first place, the hook—“I’ve been waiting for you to die,” which is so real— embedded in a barrage of drums.

On Friday, Glass tweeted the following:

Glass was in some version of Crystal Castles from the age of 14, meeting Kath after she ran away from home. Her fans have always admired her for her bravery on and off the stage, and here just underscores that, considering the honesty with which she presents this song and the importance of someone like her educating young people that abuse can be emotional as well as physical. Particularly: “Those that have known me throughout my career might be surprised that someone who publicly gave the impression of being fearless and seemed as though they didn’t take shit from anyone could find themselves being severely mistreated and manipulated by someone they were close to.” And yet that impression of fearlessness is actually somewhat common among some survivors of abuse, the projection that a situation is airtight and flawless to cover the fear and, sometimes, shame that it’s not.

In other news, Alice Glass can be seen in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2015 campaign, looking badass as ever. Wish her all the luck and good fortune in the world—Glass has been a source of strength and inspiration to so many young people, so hopefully she can find strength knowing that those fans are her supporters, too.

Image of Alice Glass performing with Crystal Castles in 2013 via Getty.

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