All the Things Sex and The City Will 'Address,' According to My Absolutely Accurate Memories of Sarah Jessica Parker Interviews

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Image: Junko Kimura (Getty Images)

In the (I want to say 30?) years since we last saw Carrie and the gang, a lot has changed: new presidents, we all got ballerina breaks from wearing those bad shoes and thus stopped wearing them, all the rich people left New York because they were worried the poors would spread disease, just to cover the last few months.

Luckily, according to at least 14 years of interviews with gossip magazines, professional Candace Bushnell impersonator Sarah Jessica Parker says every single event within the fictional world of the show and the entire history of New York City will be addressed tactfully and responsibly in the upcoming reboot of the series, titled And Just Like That. And though many of these hints and tidbits have been long digested by our collective cultural unconscious, as someone who once believed myself to be “A Carrie,” when in actuality I’m just a bad friend with a fairy tale complex and tendency to romanticize past relationships to the point of delusion, I think I can pretty accurately recall each and every morsel disseminated by these interviews through my psyche. Here they are, all of the New York City-centric issues that will be addressed by the notably nuanced and sensitively multi-faced series Sex and the City, collected all in one place for your convenience.

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