Amanda Knox Gets New DNA Analysis, Asks Court To Block Lifetime Movie


Amanda Knox’s appeal of her conviction for murdering British student Meredith Kercher is looking more promising, as new tests by independent experts found the DNA evidence “proved to be insufficient to convict.”

Earlier this year, an Italian appeals court allowed a reexamination of DNA evidence, which Knox claims was mishandled by investigators. According to the Daily Mail, in a report leaked yesterday two forensic experts say there wasn’t enough DNA on the kitchen knife allegedly used in the murder or Kercher’s bra clasp to convict Knox. The clasp, which was cut from the bra, was stored improperly in a “liquid jar” and is now so deteriorated that it can’t be retested.

A prosecutor said, “There is nothing new here,” but Knox’s lawyer countered,”We have always said that there was not enough DNA to convict Amanda and the fact that this has now been independently confirmed is positive news for us.”

Meanwhile, Knox filed a civil suit to prevent the further distribution of the Lifetime movie Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial. (The cases are really stacking up here; Knox’s parents are currently being sued by Italian police for slander.) The film aired on the network last month and is now available for download online with Italian subtitles. The Guardian reports that Knox said she’s seen the trailer and is,

“Devastated by this invasion into my life and the way I’m being exploited … I consider it the pinnacle of the repeated violations by the media against my person, my personality and my story … It does not correspond with the truth.”

There’s another hearing scheduled in Knox’s appeal for Saturday, and the civil suit will resume in July. For now, Knox is still serving out her 26-year-sentence.

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