Andrea Peyser Thinks Romney Is the "True Feminist Candidate," Clearly Doesn't Understand Feminism


Uh-oh, New York Post columnist and spiteful dickhead Andrea Peyser has a bone to pick with President Obama and a comment that he made during the first round of debates against Prez hopeful Mittly Von Ramen. Barack Obama, live on live television, called a woman “sweetie.” Ewwww, I think we can all agree that this is pretty gross, except — WAIT — it totally isn’t because the woman he called “sweetie” was his wife and he only said it while wishing her a happy anniversary. What a woman-hating monster! How did this get past us?

Peyser has this to barf up:

He lost me at “sweetie.”
President Obama wielded the cringe-worthy “S” word at the first presidential debate. He wasn’t talking to Mitt Romney.
He also was not addressing some groupie or reporter — often one and the same— but his wife, Michelle.
“I just want to wish you, sweetie, a happy anniversary,” the president said to silent groans from assembled females. And me.

He lost her at sweetie. He had her and then he said it and then he didn’t have her anymore. Peyser was thinking about voting for Obama — seriously, you guys, he had her — and then he blew it by affectionately/degradingly wishing his wife — HIS WIFE! Not some reporter floozy who deserves a good degrading, but his wife who he is MARRIED to — a happy anniversary.

Let’s go out on a limb and give Peyser the smallest scrap of credit (I know, I can’t believe it either). Back on the 2008 campaign trail, Obama did have an ugly habit of calling women — in this case, strangers — demeaning terms of endearment. It was bad. He got called out on it. He stopped. Should we give him credit for cutting out what he never should have done in the first place? Absolutely not, but we can move on because, let’s face it, we women have bigger fish to fry these days.

Well, Peyser doesn’t. She wonders this of his “sweetie-isms”:

Minor slips? Or a rude insight into the brain of Obama, a man as comfortable in the company of women as Tom Cruise?

Haha, get it? Lady Shakespeare is implying that Tom Cruise is gay. Hahahahaaaaaha. Seriously though, does this (or this or this or this) look like a man uncomfortable in the presence of women?

And what about Mitt “Binders Full of Women” Romney?

Romney is more at ease with women. As governor of Massachusetts, he led the nation in the hiring of female leaders — between 40 and 50 percent in his administration, compared with Obama’s 36 percent. He’d never publicly insult his wife.

JFC, I want to keep mocking this, but now I’m just getting sleepy. We know that Romney was in fact awful at hiring women during his time as governor. We also know he thinks that women need flexible hours to “get home and cook dinner” and that single parent households are the cause of gun violence. If that’s not a bigger public insult to women than calling your wife an affectionate name in an affectionate situation then I don’t know what is.

And yet, Peyser persists!

In word and deed, Romney is the true feminist candidate.

Let’s close out with this:

Said Lisa Schiffren, a senior fellow at the conservative Independent Women’s Forum, “It has been astonishing this year to watch the so-called progressive party — Democrats — woo women with offers of free contraception and abortion, which is pretty contemptuous if you think about it. It reduces women to their reproductive function.


Executive ‘sweet’ [NY Post]

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