Angelina Enjoys Peaceful Work & Violent Play

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Ass-kickingly fierce holy saint Angelina honored an aid group from Yemen at the UN Refugee Agency Awards in Switzerland yesterday. She was also recognized for her work as a Goodwill Ambassador. “The desperation fueled by a vicious combination of drought, famine and conflict has driven tens of thousands of people from the Horn of Africa. And we must not forget what is happening in this part of the world,” she said. [E!]
Before Angelina‘s mission of peace, she went on a mission of violence: Angie, Brad and Maddox donned camouflage and shot at each other in a paintball park in the UK. [PopSugar]

Pink has landed a major movie role: She’ll star in Thanks For Sharing, in which a group of people become friends through their shared determination to recover from sex addiction. The flick also stars Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Patrick Fugit, Joely Richardson and your friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Now all I can think about is naked Mark Ruffalo. Anyone ever see In The Cut? Ruffles in the buffles. Hot. [Express]

Doug Franco, father of James Franco — and his brothers, Dave and Tom — has died. James’s mother, Betsy Franco, confirmed via Twitter, writing “It is true that my sweet, generous husband passed away. He gave so much to his three sons and me, and to many other people, too.” [ONTD, Twitter]

Wheels on fire! Here’s a first look at the return of Absolutely Fabulous, which will air early next year on BBC America and Logo with three new specials. Set your DVR, sweetie dahling! [EW]

After comparing Barack Obama to Hilter (and John Boehner to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), Hank Williams Jr.‘s theme song has been pulled from Monday Night Football. Simile/metaphor fail. [E!]

  • Jennifer Aniston toured a breast cancer center with Dr. Jill Biden yesterday. [AP via OMG]
  • Jayoncé raised $1 million for charity over the weekend. [People]
  • There’s a bidding war for the Tupac sex tape, which is not really a sex tape but a video of the late rapper walking into a room of a house party with his pants down and then getting a blow job while rapping, drinking and smoking a blunt. Dear mama. [TMZ]
  • Speaking of Pac: A new book says Diddy had Tupac murdered and Suge Knight had Biggie murdered. [LA Times]
  • Ashton Kutcher‘s night with a woman who is not his wife allegedly involved four naked women, vodka and a hot tub. Ashton was also naked. And here’s an interesting quote by a 23-year-old gentleman named Gavin Naumoff: “My job is to round up hot girls and bus them into clubs in San Diego or Vegas. The girls get free booze, food, whatever, and they attract rich and famous guys to the clubs. It’s a two-way street. The girls get to meet rich men and the guys get what they want.” Which is what? “Sex, obviously.” [Daily Mail]
  • The latest from the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray is that he failed to inform an ER doctor that Michael Jackson had been given Propofol. [Express]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray believes the prosecutor in his manslaughter trial is purposely lying to the jury. [TMZ]
  • Kelsey Grammer is a jerk. [TMZ]
  • At the link, read the first three chapters of Playground, a young adult novel about bullying by 50 Cent. [EW]
  • At a restaurant in New York the other day, a “fan” —- nay, a hero — threw a french fry at Scott “American Psycho” Disick‘s hair, where it became lodged without Disick noticing. In fact, Disick left the restaurant with the “potato projectile” still adorning his oiled tresses. [Gatecrasher]
  • Mark your calendars: Lindsay Lohan was seen NOT drinking champagne. [Page Six]
  • Jake Gyllenhall was seen “charming” Dakota Johnson — daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson — at Sting’s birthday party the other night. Charming is step one. Canoodling is step two. Smushing is step three, and insisting you are “just friends” while emerging from the other party’s home with your clothes and hair rumpled is step four. By step 10, the word SPLIT! is splashed across your face in Midweek Madness. [Page Six]
  • Nice: Zach Galifianakis celebrated his birthday with beer and cupcakes. [Page Six]
  • Did Jacqueline Laurita get booted from The Real Housewives Of New Jersey for tweeting the plotline of the show? [Gatecrasher]
  • A drunk driver crashed into LeAnn Rimes‘s house. [E!]
  • Noted wild thing Tone Loc has pleaded no contest to possession of an assault weapon and corporal injury to his child’s mother. [E!]
  • Liza Minnelli was asked if she is dating. She replied, “No, I just see a few people. I have a couple of people and I ain’t saying anything else, so let’s not go there.” When asked about marriage, she spat: “Why on earth should I get married? I can’t have kids. When you get to a certain age it’s not important anymore. It’s different for everybody, but for me it’s just ridiculous. If you love somebody, you love them.” She also added: There’s something good about everybody. But boy I’ve met a couple of lu-lus of Loserville!” [Contact Music]
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