Anna Faris Explains How She Stayed A Virgin For So Long


Believe it or not, Anna Faris got her very first acting gig because she was “chunky.” At the tender age of 16, she starred in a commercial for fat-free frozen yogurt which is basically a recipe for disaster in terms of high school bullying. Said Anna, “If you want your daughters to stay virgins put them in headgear and on a frozen dairy yogurt commercial for overweight children.” She added, “I think it was my parents’ strategy. It was very good.”

Now I’ve tirelessly searched the internet in hopes of finding this commercial, to no avail, but I do believe that it exists. While Faris has demonstrated her chops as a leading lady at this point, something tells me that her role in Smiley Face didn’t help very much in terms of changing her old schoolmates’ minds. But given her success in acting and her new role as producer, Faris is clearly the one having the last laugh.

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