Anthropologie: When You Long To Be A French Gamine


Attention all Amélie wannabes: The January Anthropologie catalog knows that you secretly wish you could be a quirky, insouciant French gamine living in Paris. Or at least: Dress like one.

Une bicyclette: Mandatory.

Tic-Tac-Toe blouse, $98.
Looking as though you can’t wait to go home and read some Flaubert: Priceless.

And seriously: Is this the exact coffee shop Amélie worked in?

When you are a happy-go-lucky French girl, vous n’avez pas besoin d’un parapluie. Which translates roughly as : Umbrella, schumbrella!
All you need is a Tracy Reese trench coat ($198) and un sourire.

It’s all just so romantic and feminine and pretty! It hurts, a little. Especially because it’s so pricey: $58 for the cloche isn’t bad, but the “Floating Forsythia” dress and the “Pom Pom” cardigan are $148 each. And the “Wright” dress, which you can’t see that much of but can still tell is awesome? $188.

Flashback to that poet’s blouse I wore to Lollapalooza in the ’90s. It’s been discussed already. This top is a rather affordable $78. It’s the necklace that breaks the bank at $198.

Do these outfits come with an Air France ticket and a set of Jean-Pierre Jeunet DVDs? And someone to make sure you’re always in the softest, most flattering light at all times?

The clothes are nice and all… But. The true key here, of course, is this haircut. After what seemed like years of long, slightly wavy golden locks — Aniston, Gisele, Lively, et al — a dark bob seems sharp, modern and pretty. Not as severe as Wintour or Beckham; this ‘do has a je ne sais quoi. And the power to make you believe you can rock that splashy, slightly insane $148 Tracy Reese skirt.

MON DIEU. She’s just really beautiful. And hot pink is my color and cardigans are my thing. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, ANTHRO.

I used to bitch about how this is the kind of woman — and outfit — that only women think is sexy, and wonder why guys aren’t into cute haircuts and drapey, vintage-y blouses with covered buttons. Then I stopped caring what dudes like.

More deleted scenes from Amélie. Insert your own Mathieu Kassovitz. Oh la la. Bonjour, mon chéri.

The cinematic quality temporarily distracted me from reminding myself that I would never actually wear something like this.

Still: The shot, the model, the dress! Anthropologie, you made me swoon.

Although, keeping true to form, you also made me want to barf.

Anthropologie [Official Site]

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