Are You Ready For The Babies Movie?


Babies. They keep humanity (and the Internet) going. But will you watch eighty minutes of them in a globetrotting documentary film that is already predicted to be a massive cultural event? Or at the very least, a massive marketing phenomenon?

The film stars four infants in Mongolia, Tokyo, Namibia, and San Francisco. According to USA Today, “Pregnant mothers were interviewed and selected for participation in the film before the gender of the unborn children was known — which is why there are three girls and just one boy.”

Incidentally, Focus Features has already pre-empted any snark you may be tempted to unleash in advance of the Mother’s Day release (awwww) of the film:

That is an addition to a clever momblog outreach strategy and a full-service website.

For the record, I love babies. When Jessica discovered in horror [Ed: That’s mock horror, just to be clear] that I am, ahem, not an animal person, she demanded to know if I were hypothetically forced to make a choice right now, whether I would choose to get a dog or have a baby right now. No childbearing is actually planned for the near future, but I easily chose the latter. So I have no problem watching this and cooing in earnest. I do, however, reserve the right to roll my eyes at any cuteness pandering.

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