Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Writing An Autobiography

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing his memoirs, which certainly won’s stir up any controversy because he’s known for being respectful to the ladies. With a career like Arnold’s, there are dozens of different directions you could go in for a title, but Arnold’s ghostwriter has already come up with a doozy. It’s called Total Recall. So clever! The book is tentatively subtitled My Unbelievably True Life Story, which doesn’t sound quite right, but perhaps that’s fitting. [LAT]

Gwyneth Paltrow says she was excited to be seated behind the cast of 30 Rock at the Emmys, but “The seat filler before me was sweaty, so my chair was wet. Gross!” [Us]

Beyonce on carrying her bey-be: “It’s been great. I feel free. I feel very empowered … I was just wondering how it’s going to be when one day I am pregnant and everyone’s like, ‘Oh god, I don’t want to hear this again. But I’m happy that people were happy and I actually didn’t announce it in a statement. I said it’s better to just show everyone.” [People]

Nadya Suleman is trying the old “you can’t fire me because I quit” strategy with her house. She hasn’t been paying the mortgage and it’s about to be foreclosed on, but she says she doesn’t want to live there anyway. [TMZ]

  • Joe Pesci is suing because he was dropped from the film Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father. The studio responded, “It has been over 20 years since Mr. Pesci has been able to gather the attention he has by merely interjecting his role in this film.” [TMZ]
  • Gossip sites seem to think the public is clamouring for details on the sex life of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris, so here you go: Hef says, “We had sex with her and a girlfriend. We had sex the first night that we met, with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend.” [Radar]
  • AMC announced today that it’s launching a Watch What Happens: Live knock off about The Walking Dead. The show is called Talking Dead and G4’s Chris Hardwick is the host. [The Wrap]
  • The invitation to Eva Amurri‘s bachelorette party features a photo of her lingerie-clad backside. Sure it’s kind of tacky, but I appreciated her rear end’s work on Californication. [Us]
  • Ghostbusters is returning to theaters for three Thursdays in October! If you haven’t seen it in years, I recommend watching it again. I saw it hundreds of times when I was little, but all of the dirty jokes went right over my head. (Why would a ghost want to unbuckle Ray’s pants?) [The Wrap]
  • TMZ has pics from the home of the 16 & Pregnant couple charged with child neglect. Harvey Levin and company have decided the house was just cluttered, not filthy. [TMZ]
  • Dakota Fanning just started NYU and for the first time she doesn’t have to wear a uniform to class. “If you ever catch me in sweatpants in class, that’s not good,” she joked. “I’ve tried not to dress like that.” Just wait until finals. [People]
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