Bat Kid's Make-a-Wish Day Gets the Movie Trailer Gotham Deserves


Last week the city of San Francisco transformed into Gotham City for a child whose request to the Make-A-Wish foundation was to be Batman. The world followed along on Twitter as 5-year-old Miles, AKA Bat Kid rescued a “damsel in distress,” apprehended The Riddler, and made his way to AT&T field where he saved the Giants mascot from The Penguin. Now, a fan made a movie trailer about the day.

Bat Kid Rises gives the adventures of Miles the Christopher Nolan treatment — dramatic music, slow mo walking. Unfortunately, no shots of Miles trying to do the Christian Bale Batman voice.

In case you were wondering how much this set the Gotham City taxpayers back, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bat Kid’s adventures involved 14,500 volunteer cheerers and cost the city $105,000, or approximately one month’s rent in the city of San Francisco.

[SF Chronicle]

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