Bee and PuppyCat Is an Adorable and Hilarious New Animated Series


From creator Natasha Allegri — the very same woman who sang the theme on the gender-bending episode of Adventure Time! — comes Bee and PuppyCat, a new series of animated shorts following the lives of human Bee and puppycat PuppyCat. In the first episode, recently fired Bee rescues puppycat, who is either a puppy or a cat or both. It doesn’t matter, he is ridiculously adorable and I want one.

I love it — it’s new and fresh, with clear influence from Japanese and western animation. Allegria is a storyboard revisionist at Adventure Time, and obviously a talent to watch. I’ll be doing that by watching this again and again. All I know is that I’ll be screaming “I’m shoving the crotch ice under the door” to everyone I meet for the next few days. (I’m fun!)


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