Belle Knox Tells Bethenny She Wants To Be a Civil Rights Lawyer


Belle Knox, the Duke University student outed as a porn star by a fellow student, appeared on Bethenny to talk about her sudden fame.

During her appearance on the show, Bethenny asked why Knox would opt for an expensive school like Duke, if money was an issue. “My education comes first,” Knox explained. “My dream is to be a civil rights lawyer.” She said she is working in the porn industry to build a brand for herself and save up enough money to go to law school.

When Bethenny pointed out that “civil rights lawyer” and “porn star” seem like two very different careers, Knox disagreed, explaining that women’s rights issues come into play in both.

“Are you worried that your past is going to haunt you in your future,” Bethenny asked.

“Why would I want to work for anybody who would discriminate against somebody who is [working in a] perfectly legal, regulated profession?” she answered, to which the audience applauded, rightly so.

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