Best Groomsmen Dance Ever Puts All Other Groomsmen Dances to Shame


Choreographed dancing groomsmen at weddings are becoming like the chocolate fountain. Since everyone has one you kind of have to have an obligatory one, even you’re not really 100 percent sold on the idea. But these groomsmen have created the best obligatory groomsmen dance ever and should rightly be hailed as Wedding Dance Heroes.

Now, it’s only fair to mention that groom Teddy Forance is an actual professional dancer. So when he planned this number for his wedding to Victoria Rivera, he got serious about it. He recruited other professional dancers to make sure their dance would effectively destroy all other groomsmen dances (even the really, really good ones). Via HuffPo:

Forance’s groomsmen included the likes of Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini, who you might know from “So You Think You Can Dance,” Misha Gabriel from “Step Up Revolution” and Kenny Wormald from the “Footloose” remake. The boys brought the house down with a choreographed routine to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s “Love Never Felt so Good.”

These coordinated wedding dances are so ridiculously impressive to me. The last wedding I went to everyone was just happy that my uncle didn’t get drunk and punch a waiter, like he does at pretty much every wedding he has ever been to ever. (We really should stop inviting him to things.) We couldn’t even get a dozen people to the chicken dance without looking like jackasses. How do people manage to do all that in the middle of planning a freaking wedding?

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