Beth Ditto Strips, Stage-Dives; Anna Wintour Maybe Makes Up With PETA

  • The Gossip played an hour-long set at the Paris Fendi party. Beth Ditto stripped off the five-piece stage costume Lagerfeld made her until she was performing in a sequined bra and thong. [Telegraph]
  • Chanel’s show at the Grand Palais in Paris was an appropriately star-studded affair, with Freida Pinto, Kate Moss, Olga Kurylenko and current Karl-favorite Claudia Schiffer in the front row. The models — basically a supermodel round-up, including several of the designer’s former muses, like Karen Elson and Angela Lindvall — walked through a maze-like set that Lagerfeld designed himself. (Lindvall said they rehearsed the choreography three times.) Asked how it was that he got into the maze himself for the finale, the Kaiser said, “That I don’t know and it’s a strange thing. It happens to me often early in the mornings. I get into the middle of mazes and come out of completely nowhere!” [FWD]
  • Alexander McQueen has heard your talk of recession-friendly safe fashion, and he bites his thumb at you. “I think it’s dangerous to play it safe because you will just get lost in the midst of cashmere twin sets,” said the designer, whose show was a vicious-minded mash-up of iconic fashions, played out on a set whose centerpiece was a crumbling, blackened heap of his own old set props. “People don’t want to see clothes. They want to see something that fuels the imagination.” [NY Times]
  • This is the kind of gross original concept with a high potential for backfire: when launching a new cologne, how about not throw a crowded party and only allow guests into a backroom, one by one, to smell the scent — on a live male model? “It’s really starting to smell in there,” muttered someone who would have preferred, oh, I don’t know, tester bottles. [WWD]
  • Page Six is reporting that Anna Wintour shook hands with PETA vice-president Dan Matthews at the Stella McCartney show in Paris. Sees unlikely, given PETA’s extra-vocal protests this season — French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld‘s Balenciaga dress had its sleeve ripped off by PETA operatives, who presumably were trying to target her goat coat — and the animal-rights organization’s own history with Wintour. (Once, PETA dumped an animal carcass on the editor’s plate in a restaurant. Wintour calmly placed her napkin over it and asked to see the dessert menu.) But, strange things happen in fashion, so… [P6]
  • The 80s are definitely back. Leighton Meester‘s first Reebok ad is out — and she’s posing next to a boom box that looks like it takes about 19 D batteries. [Sassybella]
  • Liskula Cohen, the former Vogue model suing Google in an attempt to force the company’s Blogger service to reveal the identity of a user who posts scathing content about her, broke down in court when some of the offending posts were read into the record. The blog Skanks in NYC is entirely dedicated to smearing Cohen, alleging she has no soul, and calling her “desperate,” a “ho,” and a “skank” many times, and Cohen’s aim is to pursue a defamation suit against the author, should he or she be revealed. The lawyer representing the anonymous site called the posts “youthful, jocular, slangy comments.” [NYDN]
  • That’s Shalom Harlow, Eva Herzigova, and Vincent Gallo (yeah, wtf?) in the spring H&M ads. [Fabsugar]
  • Katie Holmes told Glamour that she is currently in talks to start a children’s clothing line with her friend and stylist Jeanne Yang. [Hollyscoop]
  • Meanwhile, the Jonas brothers want the tween clothing market. [WWD]
  • And is Heidi Klum thinking that grown women will buy Barbie-inspired duds? [The Cut]
  • Christian-owned knockoff emporium Forever 21 sold an unauthorized t-shirt with the logo of punk band Minor Threat screen printed into a thicket of generic 80s imagery. Dischord Records, Minor Threat’s label, objected — and in a surprise twist ending, the shirts have actually been pulled from store shelves. [Pitchfork]
  • An Indonesian company that produces around 500,000 pairs of Adidas shoes every month has been sued by its main local creditors, the Bank of Negara Indonesia and a leather wholesaler, after an ongoing dispute over the shoe factory’s unpaid bills. [UPI]
  • After profits declined 45.1% in 2008, luxury Italian jeweler and perfumer Bulgari will cut jobs, close stores, and eliminate unprofitable product lines. [WWD]
  • Eric Gaskins, a New York-based couturier whose wares have been worn by Salma Hayek and Tina Fey, among others, has been forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after 22 years in business. Gaskins is one of the most prominent high-end African-American designers in the US. [Crain’s]
  • Net profits at Swatch fell 17.4% in 2008. [WWD]
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