Beyoncé Stares Into Our Souls on Vogue's September Issue


Ever heard of a singer named Beyoncé? She’s on the cover of Vogues gigantic September issue, which traditionally rivals a phone book in page count, shooting a knowing glance that says we don’t know what’s coming to us.

What’s coming to us, Beyoncé? Is it another album? A movie? A movie album? Just wait? Ok. Vogue meanwhile has tons of hyperbolic words of praise to go along with this cover, which was shot by photographer Mario Testino:

Beyoncé is a powerhouse. She can sneer. She can out-strut and stare down any man in the film frame. Call her, in the songs, She Who Must Be Obeyed—in the palace, in the bedroom, in the hood, on the road, and on the runway.
The most powerful thing about her persona is the unabashed pleasure she takes in her own body: its beauty, its power, its versatility.
In an age when roles and styles morph as quickly as computer images, she’s a shape-shifting virtuoso. She can evoke Rita Hayworth or Naomi Campbell, flappers and B-girls.

Now, look at Beyoncé, wearing a $12,000 dress by Marc Jacobs, who says here, “The word diva is used for so many female performers, and it often means they have reputations for being difficult, but she exudes charm and a lovable quality.” Sweet.

Now, watch Beyoncé creep around a mansion during her Vogue shoot.

Now, wait for Beyoncé, because you know she’s coming.

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Images by Mario Testino/Vogue

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