Billy Corgan Tells Anderson Cooper to Fuck Off — With Cats!

It’s not imperative to be a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins to enjoy Billy Corgan’s latest stunt. After he was deemed “uncool” by Anderson Cooper for appearing on the cover of an animal magazine (ANIMAL MAGAZINES ARE TOTALLY PUNK ROCK), Corgan lashed out with some cat shirts that we must all get right now.

What better way to show displeasure with someone than by insulting them with kittens wearing bowties? There isn’t a better way. If kittens don’t like you, you’re basically an awful human being because kittens like everyone (not adult cats, though; adult cats are constantly plotting your death) and would never put on a bowtie to tell you to suck it, unless you were really wrong. (Trust me, I have been told to fuck off by kittens before. It’s an awful feeling.)

Uproxx reports that at one of Corgan’s recent shows, the merchandise booth was selling the following T-shirts that send, according to Stacey Ritzen, two messages: One, helping animals is cool and two, fuck you Anderson Cooper, cats are the best (I extrapolated a little). Buy them while you can. (Also, please send me one.)

Lead Image via Paws Chicago; Shirt image via Twitter

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