‘Bing Bong, New York City!’ Things Eric Adams Has Said That Prove He’s An Alien

We are pretty sure the current mayor of New York City is not from this planet.

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Photo: Angela Weiss (Getty Images)

Eric Adams is the mayor of New York City. That is a fact: something with which Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, takes great liberties. A fact, to our Eric Adams, is but sand slipping through one’s fingers at Rockaway Beach. A fact is a faint howl in the wind, whipping through the Financial District. A fact is as malleable a thing as the ooze seeping from the ceilings of the majority of the city’s subway stations.

Adams’ loose relationship with facts has created a breeding ground for the absolutely bizarre statements he’s made and situations he’s found himself in. In an anthropological study of sorts, it felt important to gather these moments with the goal of capturing what it has been like to be a constituent of or mere witness to this man.

This slideshow isn’t meant to be a comment on his politics, which veer...bad. But he is at least bad and fascinating, whilst most politicians are bad and boring. The latter, in my dopamine addict opinion, is the greater sin.

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