Britney Got a Digital Slimdown to Look Skinny in 'Work Bitch' Video

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Britney Spears looks lean of thigh and flat of abs in the video for “Work Bitch,” but rumor has it she got the digital slimdown. Better living through technology. Airbrushing ahoy!

This is not the first time Brit’s been accused of faking the funk; there were reports she had a dance double and used a different aspect ratio for “Hold It Against Me.” God forbid a pop star look like a regular human being.

Hoax Films provided the visual effects for “Work Bitch,” and according to an industry site, Sound and Picture, Hoax “completed sky replacements shots, set extensions and cleanup.” Folks are comparing raw footage to the final product and have decided that “clean up” includes waist-whittling and general slenderizing, pixel by pixel. More images at the links. [Daily Mail, E!, Sound and Picture]

BTW, in a feat of epic imaginative creativity, Britney‘s new album will be called Britney Jean. Which is her name, and what the folks she grew up with call her. [E!]

Here’s Miley Cyrus sing-songy “rapping” on the French Montana remix of “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’,” which boasts some truly abominable grammar. In addition, she rhymes “video” with “video.” We live in spectacular and glorious times. [In Flex We Trust]

In other news, Miley can’t stop/won’t stop boning Theo Wenner; she’s in “complete lust” with him. Seems like she’s bouncing back from her broken engagement just fine. [Radar]

Kim Kardashian is back in skinny jeans, post-pregnancy, and even though all the tabloids were speculating that she would make a big-money deal with Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, apparently she’s been doing that sorta simple thing where you eat lots of protein and very few carbs. “I’ve actually been doing the Atkins diet & luv it,” she tweeted. No mention of QuickTrim. (She and Kanye have also been doing Barry’s Bootcamp together, which we would pay money to watch.) [Us, NYDN, E!]

After the incident in which she was caught texting during 12 Years A Slave, Madonna has been banned from the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters. Pretty sure her Madgesty has an awesome home theater. And if not, why not? [Daily Mail]

This report claims that Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend — swivel-hipped chiseled-torso’d backup dancer Beau “Casper” Smart — are on the rocks — since they haven’t been photographed together since September 21. You’ll find words like “the spark is gone” and “headed for a breakup.” Of course, Casper has posted recent pix of J.Lo on Instagram, so: Grain of salt. [Radar]

  • Joe Jonas is on heroin, says this rather disreputable and raggedy website. [Blind Gossip]
  • Joe Jonas is not in rehab, says this other random site. [Ocean Up]
  • Like muscular arms? Like Michael Fassbender? The new GQ is for you. [GQ, Just Jared]
  • There’s no sound to accompany this video of Justin Bieber rapping/singing/dancing on The Great Wall of China and honestly, it might be better that way. [Ocean Up]
  • Charlie Hunnam allegedly left Fifty Shades because he didn’t want to turn into Robert Pattinson, aka, someone you think of as that one role, forever. [People]
  • Lindsay Lohan might be hanging out with someone who might be a bad influence on her, so start panicking. [Confidential]
  • Lindsay Lohan got a new tattoo. Do you think it’s Oprah’s phone number? [NYDN]
  • The look on this bride’s face as Jon Bon Jovi walks her down the aisle! [People]
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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd are being considered to star in Marvel property Ant-Man. [Variety]
  • Ivanka Trump has given birth, and it’s a baby boy. [E!]
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