Britney's Crew Spends The Day In Court

  • Britney’s hairdresser and bodyguard testified today about Sam Lutfi’s attempts to convince Britney that her family was conspiring to gain control over her. In another courtroom, Adnan Ghalib pled not guilty to felony charges.
  • The hairdresser and bodyguard gave testimony supporting Britney’s dad’s case to extend the restraining order against Lutfi. They said that in December, Sam starting calling and texting them, asking them to tell Britney “the truth,” which he asserts is that “her family put her into the hospital just to set up the conservatorship.” Britney was so frightened by his constant attempts to reach her that she asked her security team to patrol the property. [Perez Hilton
  • Britney’s ex, Adnan Ghalib, turned himself in after being charged with three felonies. He plead not guilty to charges related to allegedly hitting a process server with his car. Adnan is now out on bail. [TMZ]
  • Adnan could serve seven years in jail if convicted. [People]
  • The “resident illusionist” on Britney’s Circus tour says that during the show Brit becomes part of his magic act. “She’s incorporated into major illusions. She’ll do dissection, where she’s sawed in half, and transposition, where she’s in one place and ends up in another place. She’s doing all the classic elements of magic.” He adds, “She’s really toned. Her stomach looks fantastic.” Because of course the most important thing about the show is the state of Brit’s abs. [People]
  • Blake Incarcerated is incarcerated no more. Amy Winehouse’s estranged husband was released from jail and his mom was there to meet him when he got out. [The Sun]
  • Now Chris Brown has moved on to ruining other people’s careers. Rapper Flo Rida has dropped a song he did with Chris from his new album. Flo Rida says: “I recorded a great song with Chris. But I won’t be releasing it now because of what’s going on with him and Rihanna. It could have been my next No1.” [Perez Hilton]
  • Lauren Conrad says season 5 of The Hills is going to be the last. Lauren explains: “My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing… I always want to remember it that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and stay sane.'” [People]
  • The woman who was in the passenger seat during Morgan Freeman’s car crash last summer is going to sue the actor. She’s going to hold a press conference to reveal whether or not she was Freeman’s mistress, and plans to release “never before seen graphic and disturbing photos of the car in which the actor and the woman were riding.” [TMZ]
  • In case you couldn’t interpret the stars’ body language and facial expressions during the Oscars on your own, a body language expert has meticulously analyzed the celebrities’ every twitch. [The Mirror]
  • Two divisions of Simon & Schuster have acquired the rights to books about Patrick Swayze, to be published a month apart. One is a memoir and the other is a biography, but representatives say the two books are as totally different as two books about the same person’s life could be. [The NY Observer]
  • Rosie O’Donnell gave up drinking recently because her 13-year-old son Parker asked her to stop. Rosie asked what she should do if she couldn’t give it up, and Parker told her, ‘There’s a drunk club, I forget what it’s called, but you have to like be really drunk to get in, I don’t know if they’d let you in, but you could ask them for tips.'” [People]
  • The band Faith No More is reuniting. They’ll go on tour this summer in Europe. [The Guardian]
  • Kim Kardashian has issued an apology for posting pictures of her family posing with a chimpanzee they rented for the week during the same week a woman was mauled by a chimpanzee. Perhaps the chimp deserves an apology as well for being forced to spend time with the Kardashians. [The Daily Express]
  • This video of Samantha Ronson singing and playing guitar may make you appreciate the comparative musical genius of Lindsay Lohan. [Perez Hilton]
  • Jesus Luz was spotted attending Kaballah services with Madonna. An source says: “He was playing around more with Rocco than paying attention to Madonna.” [E!]
  • John Mayer says he was nervous about attending the Oscars with Jennifer Aniston. “It’s not my world, the Oscar thing,” said Mayer. “But [Jen] was so sweet to me that night, because you can go from a Grammy winner to a water boy when you walk into the Kodak Theatre on Oscar night.” [E!]
  • Holly Madison and Chris Angel have ended their relationship after four months of dating. We thought those kids would last forever! [E!]
  • ShoWest is honoring Zac Efron is its breakthrough performer of the year. Previous honorees include Sienna Miller, Chris Pine, and Bradley Cooper. [Variety]
  • Jewel wrote on her blog that she’s been diagnosed with tendonitis in her knees and has to halt her Dancing With the Stars rehearsals for the next few days. [Jewel’s Blog]
  • In this Redbook cover story Kate Walsh talks about her “big peasant hands” and her love of making prank calls. She says: “Remember when you could mildly stalk a guy? Not anymore, man. They can be at your front door in five minutes.” She sighs dramatically and adds: “There’s just no mystery now.” [Redbook]
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on the cover of the new issue of Shape showing off her abs. Here’a a tip from Julia: “I don’t keep bacon in my house – that would be way too tempting.” [People]
  • People may have forgotten about Dre, but 50 Cent hasn’t forgotten about his mentor, Eminem. 50 says he won’t release his album “Before I Self Destruct” until Eminem releases his album, “Relapse”. 50 Cent says: “Right now I’m on a train, and the Em-choo-choo-car goes first. I think people forgot that I’m actually Eminem’s artist because I’ve had so much success on my own and moved away from it.” [AP]
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