Brooklyn Beckham Is Opening a Pop-Up Restaurant in London

For a limited time, you too, can eat like Posh and Becks' eldest son. God help you.

Brooklyn Beckham Is Opening a Pop-Up Restaurant in London
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From a flapjack as dense as a layer of cake to a flavorless fettucine alfredo to a take on a Sunday roast that could induce botulism from the mere sight of it, Brooklyn Beckham is, for better and certainly for worse, a stubborn—and truly shameless—chef. Well, his obstinance is now paying off.

On Thursday, the Daily Mail reported that my favorite nepo baby will soon open a pop-up restaurant in East London. Beckham told the outlet that “I’ve been lucky enough to live in some pretty cool places,” thus, the menu was inspired by his “global upbringing.” That said, one might imagine an extensive list of offerings. To them, I’d say: you’ve thought wrong.

On January 25 and 26, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., the eatery will feature just five items. That’s right. Five. Among them are: Chicken tikka masala, a 12-hour slow cooked wagyu bolognese, pork and shrimp dumplings, buffalo cauliflower coated in Beckham’s “secret” hot sauce, and Nanny Peggy’s english breakfast sandwich.

“My Nanny Peggy taught me how to make her english breakfast sandwich when I was five, and it’s been my favorite ever since,” Beckham told the tabloid. “I’ve always been into trying different foods, cuisines, and cultures, but that was one of my earliest memories of loving cooking.” What could be a fonder memory than frying varying meats in a skillet and stacking them atop each other between two pieces of bread?

“Spending time in the kitchen is definitely something me and my dad bond over…even though I think I make my english breakfast sandwich better, he does make a pretty good one,” he added.

Beckham then went on to share that his palate is so powerful that it’s influenced what one would presume are some pretty seasoned taste buds, given they belong to a billionaire’s daughter. Yeah, I’m talking about Nicola Peltz.

“I got my wife on Indian and Chinese takeaway,” Beckham boasted. “She’s obsessed with it now.” So, Peltz never had Indian or Chinese takeout prior to meeting her husband? Frankly, that fun fact could drive me to take a less than 24-hour social media hiatus like the couple’s best friend and former third wheel.

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