Bros on MTV's The Challenge Have a Theory on Why Women Are Inferior


Wanna know why men are athletically superior to women? Pea-brained castmember Zach Nichols had a totally logical explanation on Tuesday night’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge. Finally, someone can settle this.

On this season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, castmembers are forced to team up with an ex in competitions. The scene in question kicks off after they’ve just finished watching a duel between two teams. After Sarah, a lovable weirdo, accurately describes Jordan as a sourpuss with an inferiority complex, Jordan responds in his confessional (probably prompted by a producer), “Sarah thinks that she has just all this power to control me how she sees fit.”

Luckily, Zach, a block of muscles with a spinning hamster wheel for a brain, is here to break it down. He presents his argument while chilling with castmates Jordan and Johnny in one of their bedrooms. You may have heard this one before.

“Women were created from men,” says Zach. “God took a rib out of Adam to create Eve, so they are made to be…” Jordan finishes the thought: “…Inferior.”

Menimist leader Zach continues his brilliant theory: “And are we supposed to honor them? Yes. But these aren’t our wives. These are [bleeped out] swamp donkeys. All of them. All of them.” Zach then puffs up Jordan by telling him, “If she was smarter than you, she would learn how to deal with you because you’re the better athlete,” he says. “That’s why we’re the greater species. Whatever. It’s true. I’ll go on record saying this.”

You… are on record. And this explains why Zach has been a dick toward his partner/ex-girlfriend Jonna throughout the season. People who use this reasoning to explain male dominance should immediately be exiled to Antartica.

Watch the full clip below, starting around the 4:19 mark.

Image via MTV

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