Burn Your Thongs; Pantalettes Are Where It's At


That synthetic g-string you’re rocking all up in your business needs to be trashed and/or burned, because pantalettes are back with a vengeance. Well, according to one woman, but that’s a TREND! The Victorian woman’s underwear of choice (or maybe just their underwear, period) is apparently very comfortable, very breathable, and has the added bonus of preventing yeast infections. Nice!

Victorian clothing revivalist Sarah A. Chrisman, author of Victorian Secrets: What a Corset Taught Me About the Past, the Present, and Myself, believes pantalettes are the superior underwear choice, and she makes a pretty strong argument.

From Salon:

Pantalettes allow one to urinate standing up, because they are split right down the middle. Take camping, for example; there are many situations where it can be very awkward to try to hold garments out of the way when one makes use of trees, shall we say. Also in certain public restrooms one doesn’t necessarily want to sit down.
Do you wear pantalettes now?
Absolutely. Many gynecologists now recommend that women don’t wear modern synthetic fabric panties because they keep so much moisture in that area. Pantalettes allow for more air flow. I just find them a lot more comfortable.
Aside from corsets, what are your three favorite items of Victorian clothing?
Pantalettes are number one. They are very comfortable and very practical.

Well, I’m just about sold! But where do we buy these? I’m afraid I might have to go to a Ren Faire to get them. Afraid AND excited. (It’s either the Ren Faire or CDD. And nope.)

[Salon, via The Cut]

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