Casey DeSantis Is Clearly Auditioning to Be FLOTUS

You’ve heard about dressing for the job you want? When you're married to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), you dress for the job your husband wants.

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Photo: Left and Right: Associated Press; Center: Instagram/Casey DeSantis (AP)

I feel deeply in my bones that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is running for president in 2024. He’s constantly subjecting his constituents to policies that line up with all of Republicans’ favorite culture war issues: abortion, immigration, children’s books, and trans kids who want to play sports or just continue to exist.

Another extremely obvious tell? His wife’s wardrobe lately. Casey DeSantis has been drenching herself in gold, bright American flag red, and so many capes—all topped off with the glow of weaponized white female grievance. At her husband’s second inauguration in January, Casey’s attempt to channel Jackie Kennedy was entirely unsubtle—if also fairly successful.

Casey is a former TV anchor and producer whom Politico has described as “unquestionably the most important person influencing DeSantis’ policy and political operations...She is the governor’s closest confidant and has more sway than any other adviser.” Some have even called her “co-governor” of the state, according to a profile published in Insider.

If the couple has bigger political dreams, Casey is definitely in on it. These are the wardrobe choices of someone auditioning to be first lady.

Take a look and tell me you don’t think he’s announcing in the next few months.

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