CBS Settles Lawsuit Brought Forward by Three Women Who Accuse Charlie Rose of Harassment


CBS has settled their portion of a lawsuit filed in New York State Court by three women who previously worked with former news anchor Charlie Rose and accuse him of sexual harassment. The lawsuit also accuses the network of being “fully aware” of Rose’s behavior, according to the Washington Post.

Details of the settlement are unknown: The plaintiffs asked for the settlement amount to be confidential, and a statement for CBS on the matter read: “The matter has been resolved.” Rose did not respond to comment from the Post. The Los Angeles Times, which broke the news about the settlement, reported that the plaintiffs’ lawsuit against Rose is still open.

The plaintiffs—Katherine Brooks Harris, Sydney McNeal, and Yuqing “Chelsea” Wei—worked with Rose at CBS between 2016 and 2018, according to the suit, and allegedly experienced unwanted physical touching from Rose. Harris reported Rose repeatedly asking her to lunch or dinner, and that he “sexually touched Ms. Harris, including placing his hands on her thigh and kissing her cheek.” Harris also alleges he “pointed at other women and called them prostitutes.” Once, Rose allegedly “required Ms. McNeal to join him” and Harris for dinner and also “sexually touched Ms. McNeal, including placing his hands on her thigh and kissing her cheek.”

Wei alleged that Rose “caressed” her arms “when she handed him papers and would say ‘I love the way you do that,’” and that he once whispered “Happy birthday, dear,” in her ear in a “sexual manner.”

Rose was fired from CBS in November of 2017 after eight women came forward in a Washington Post story and accused Rose of sexual harassment. He has since been rumored to be considered for a TV series in which he would interview other men who have been accused of harassing or abusing women.

Correction: A previous version of this story inaccurately stated that Business Insider broke the news of CBS’s settlement. The post has been updated.

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