Charlie Rose Reportedly Getting New Show Where He Interviews Men Who Faced Consequences for Their Actions


There’s nothing I would like less than to watch a bunch of men who for a brief glittery moment have suffered some version of consequences for their actions all get together on TV and put their bemused, bruised egos to the task of interpreting current events once more. And yet, here we are.

On Wednesday, iconic editor and writer Tina Brown confirmed to Page Six that she was recently approached to work as a producer on a “#MeToo atonement series” in which disgraced former talk show host Charlie Rose would be cast as star interviewer. His subjects, Brown attested, will be other men who had to publicly reckon with their past patterns of abusing and harassing women, or as Page Six put it, “others embroiled in sexual harassment scandals.”

A source told Page Six, “Tina said she’d just been e-mailed about co-hosting a new show with Charlie Rose, in which they’d interview Louis C.K., Matt Lauer” and others, lest any opportunity for a man to profit off the public spotlight slip away.

It comes as no surprising that Brown turned down this offer, reportedly remarking “These guys are already planning their comebacks!”

In November, PBS cancelled the long-running Charlie Rose show after The Washington Post reported the accounts of eight women who said that Rose had sexually harassed them, which included, in some cases, unwanted touching. Rose apologized, but for what it’s not clear, since he denied all the harassment allegations against him, admitting only to being “insensitive at times.”

Recently, Rose has reportedly been hanging out with Sean Penn and Woody Allen, neither of whom is a fan of the #MeToo movement.

I can only hope that all the major networks and TV platforms express supreme disinterest in this redemption tour idea!

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