Cheaters in Heat: The Year Everyone Cut Corners and Severed Ties

This year's scandals were less intricate, more desperate, and just as entertaining as ever.

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GMA Affair

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GMA Affair
Photo: Bryan Bedder (Getty Images)

Ah yes, the liaison that caused the world to say, “GMA has a third hour?” Indeed it does. GMA3 hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’s affair brought incredible ratings to the ABC morning show before they were booted from the air. Do not fret! The duo and whatever private investigator is following them up and down the East coast have shown us they’re still going strong despite no longer having jobs.

Memorable tidbit: It, unfortunately, does seem like Holmes has had a number of workplace liaisons and Robach is not his first break room paramour. Also, the two found love in a hopeless place: while training for a marathon.

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